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Welcome to Nature Medic Formulas

essential nutrition for your cells, bones and tissue.  

Our Arthritis & Tissue formulas contain all of the necessary Vitamins, Minerals & Phyto nutrients your body requires to support cell functions & accelerate tissue repair.

The creams go on the skin and all nutrients are delivered directly to the source of the problem.

As children we are educated that fruits & vegetables  will provide the majority of what we need to sustain a healthy body.  

There are 4 million known plant types containing 25,000+ Phytonutrients. The Plants, Roots, Oils & Minerals we use are exactly what Cells require to grow, repair and build life.

Get your life changing results in just 30 days.

Our specialised formulas have proven to repair conditions that deny sufferers mobility and quality of life. Arthritis Conditions & Chronic Pain

Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel

Soft Tissue Injuries & Fractures

Sports Injuries

the path to recovery

take the journey with us

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease. It results from structural changes in the articular cartilage in the joints. Most treatments focus on reducing the symptoms. Fish Oil, Green Lipped Muscle, Glucosamine help to reduce inflammation naturally but they do not repair cartilage or increase synovial fluid production which cushions joints.

Nature  Medic's Living Organic Arthritis Formula combats the source of the problem by providing a nutrient source that;  feeds cells essential vitamins and minerals whilst activatiing essential Hyaluronic Acid production -stimulating tissue growth & decalcifying build up around affected joints.

The best part, in 30 days your done!




In 30 years we have not had one complaint  about adverse reactions.

None of our formulas go through the stomach and our ingredients are all natural.

With over 107,000 (USA) patients hospitalized annually for gastrointestinal complications you would think (NSAIDS) Anti Inflammatories would be safer. Alarmingly,16,500 NSAID-related deaths occur each year among arthritis patients alone.  Why? The long term use of NSAIDS, Pankillers and Aspirin contain chemicals that eventually destroy the lining of the stomach. As humans we absorb our nutrients via Plants, Herbs ,Vitamins  and Minerals. So in essence our food is our medicine. Our formulas are made of plant and mineral matter.They are only applied to the skin for a relatively short period of time.


proof in the results

the effects of using our formulas are long term

There are 100's of Cell types in the Human Body.

The main ones our formulas impact  are Bone, Cartilage, Connective

Muscle & Nerve Cells.

Each Cell type has its own function and without essential vitamins and minerals they struggle in their roles of building and generating new Tissue.

Our ingredients provide the 21 amino acids needed to sustain the building blocks for regeneration.

When it comes to Arthritis and Tissue related conditions there are a host of possible causes. They include age, disease, malnutrition, continuous physical stress, obesity, glandular insufficiency, trauma, calcium deficiency, dietary intake or a shortage of Hyaluronic Acid. All modern treatments focus on reducing inflammation and pain.

Nature Medic formulas treat the cause by assisting the body with a direct supply of whole plant matter and necessary minerals.

There are 96 Vitamins and minerals

directed at the source of the problem.


Some plants have physical defenses such as thorns, spines and prickles, but by far the most common type of protection is chemical.

So of course, given the millions of plant species that abound the earth many are toxic or poisonous.

Each of the herbs, plants or roots used in our formulas are safe to use.

Some of our ingredients are sanctioned to use by the FDA and TGA with particluar mention of minimum amounts per gm and we follow this advice.

Proven time and again

If by now you have tried everything out there to fix a problem Doctors say cant be fixed well maybe it's time to give our Formulas a try. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on our Arthritis and Tissue Formulas. To this point all of the people who have used our Formulas have had success. The human body is a complex biological machine, yet somethings are simple enough to understand when we think about what it takes to keep it healthy.

Vitamin and Mineral intake is fundamental to our survival as humans and when we apply the same logic to putting them into our skin at the point of pain or injury it makes complete sense.

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There are 4 main tissue types in the body and they are simply a group of cells with each having a different function. NERVOUS  EPITHELEAL  MUSCLE & CONNECTIVE

Nature Medic Tissue Formula provides a nutritional food source to these cell groups enabling them to recover and perform their normal functions.

Whether its bruising, fractures, muscles, tendons or ligament damage the body

has a 4 stage recovery process it goes through EVERY TIME. Our Tissue formula assists in the speedy recovery from inury or reversing the effects of long term damage to Tissue. Typically 30 days is a general time frame for repair.

Small companion animals such as cats and dogs as well as horses may be treated safely  with the correct use of our herbal medications. Our well researched herbal formulas act as both nutrients and treatments to your animals body.

All of the animals on the earth have co-evolved with plants and thus have gastrointestinal and detoxification systems more safely amenable to herbal treatment than most . Perfect for Open sores. Cuts, Arthritis. Ticks, Psoriasis. Fractures. These formulas have been used on Champion Racehorses & Greyhounds repairing shin sores, back ailments and more serious injuries that lead to lameness in animals.

Plants represent a vast reservoir of biologically interesting chemicals – an evolutionary science lab. There is no ""us and they" when it comes to introducing chemicals into the body. Pharmaceuticals and Plant based medicines are all drugs. We follow strict FDA and TGA guidelines on the amount of ingredients used in our formulas. The fact that our Formulas have been used successfully for 30 years is not a testament to age but perseverance.

With over 4 million herbs & plants in our world we have chosen 27 to enhance your life.

Regardless of age, education, gender, race or socio-economic standing we are all subject to the unpredictability of life.

What if, you were able to defy these natural

physical changes or re-invent yourself?

At Nature Medic ,we become your partner in health. All of our success stories are amazing in their own way. We have had  National Athletes with torn ligaments  competing 6 weeks later and many waiting for surgery suddenly come off the list.

Mostly though, we have altered the day to day lives of people who had been suffering from their Arthritis or Chronic conditions.


The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it provides the perfect place for topical applications of medicines. We don't think twice about about putting vegetables, fruits and other food sources into our mouth.  Vitamins and minerals can also be directly absorbed through the the skin.

Skin is recognized as an organ because it consists of several types of tissues that function together and it is highly absorbant.

Our formulas contain natural ingredients the body wont reject. All nutrients are absorbed through the skin bypassing the stomach and inject vitamins and minerals into tissue whilst degrading calcium buildup and scar or mesenchymal tissue.

If the goal is to free ourselves from pain and suffering in the long term then we have to stick to a plan.

You will require one 250gm  jar of formula to treat one knee or shoulder or joint

In the case of our formulas we require you to follow our advice for at least 30 days. You are going to experience changes in the first week. DONT STOP.

You are going to feel even better at 2 weeks. DONT STOP.  By week 3 you, like most of our success stories will think you are finished. DONT STOP. When you get to week 4 most of your jar will be done. Finish the jar and now you decide if its time to stop.






With over 30,000 hrs as a personal trainer and Nutritional Coach, James is qualified to speak about the transformations he has seen using Nature Medic Formulas. " I think they are incredible and after years of painful cartilage injuries, I finally found a product that not only reversed my condition but I avoided surgery for both knees"

James has a Bachelor  Human Movement Degree and has joined the Nature Medic Team