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Arthritis will occur with the breakdown and subsequent destruction of tissue in the area that has been the source of nourishment for both the bone and cartilage. Nature Medic's active formula of oils, herbs and roots have been shown to restore joint function and the key joint component synovial fluid and regenerate the growth of tissue. Nature Medic is nutrition for the joints, bones and tissue. Cells respond quickly because our bodies recognize ingredients in the formula as food. Special carrier oils transmit the organic matter through the tissue layers directly to the source of the problem. The Nature Medic formula contains several old world roots that stimulate synovial regeneration, Hyaluron production and reverse the affects of arthritis or tissue degeneration. Some of the old world Herbs we use like, Solomons Seal and Ashwagandha have been used extensively to treat bone and tissue by native healers for centuries. Diosgenin, a steroid sapogenin is found in the roots of Solomons Seal. Diosgenin is synthesised by Pharmaceutical companies to create cortisone which is injected into the body to treat inflammation and pain. Natural anti-infammatory plant compounds dont destroy bone, whereas man made cortisone does this and more. These formulas have appeared in TV & Print media over the years. Both Patients and Physicians have been shocked by the results we achieve.

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Nature Medic Arthritis Formula

Why the Arthritis Formula works

Our Arthritis formula delivers 27 natural ingredients directly to the source of the condition and in doing so provides nutritional support for amino acid production. A large proportion of our cells, muscles and tissue are made up of amino acids. They are furthermore essential for healing wounds and repairing tissue, especially in the muscles, bones and cartilage.

For the body to regenerate and remain healthy there are 21 AMINO ACIDS required.

There are nine amino acids that your body can’t make. They are called essential amino acids, meaning you must have them to live and we deliver these plus an array of vitamins and minerals found in the plants we use. Because our formula is absorbed directly through the skin,  cells receive the types of nutrients that a diet may not offer or the body has stopped producing. The Arthritis formula replaces essential acids and fluids that give the joint renewed strenth and flexibility.

The best part is the RESULTS ARE LONG TERM, generally 10 years.

Producing  Hyaluronic Acid, Synovial fluid and regenerating Articular Cartilage are essential elements to joint health and arthritis recovery. 


See more about the roles of Collagen & HA in reversing Arthritis conditions 

Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease or degenerative arthritis, is the most common of the arthritis conditions.

Osteoarthritis produces pain, stiffness and reduced movement of the affected joint, which ultimately affects ones ability to do physical activities, reducing quality of life.

Arthritis Types

There are three basic conditions


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease that causes pain and swelling in the joints.

This happens because the immune system attacks the lining of the joints causing inflammation and joint damage. RA usually affects the smaller joints, such as those in the hands, feet and wrists, although larger joints such as the hips and knees can also be affected.


Posttraumatic arthritis (PTA) can develop after acute joint injury, a meniscal or ligament tear, or an intra-articular fracture, even with optimal treatment.

Despite its frequency—an estimated 10 per­cent to 15 percent of patients diagnosed as having osteoarthritis actually have PTA



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Quite typically, those that use our Formulas only need one jar and

then they are done. Because some conditions have taken longer to

develop, especially in older people a second jar may be required.

It is very, very important to use all of the cream on whatever you are

treating for the full 30 days. Topical formulas like ours are made from

whole plants, herbs, roots and oils. All contain nutrients that the body

will intelligently use but the reversal process takes time. So even when

you start to feel changes, keep going until the process is finished.

We mention many times in this site about sticking to the regime and finishing

the thirty day treatment. There are some other things to consider whilst

you are using the formula. It is best to avoid over use of a joint you are trying to

mend. Try putting the formula on the affected area at night when you are getting ready to settle down for sleep. Due to the number of whole plants and different types types of oils in the mixture, make sure you cover the affected area with at least two wraps. Poultices and topicals were the norm for centuries yet they can be messy, so make sure the dressing is secure.


Each morning when you wake, wash off any exisiting formula from the joint or area being treated and apply again each night. It does not matter if you miss a night or two but thats about all you would want to. We have had customers who have used the formula for 8 weeks to get the results they wanted. When you start to notice the signs of improvment its hard not to want to go as far as you can to reverse conditions even where joints are deformed, especially in the case of fingers. STICK WITH IT.


Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Our Formulas  provide are a rich source of HA .

Delivering amazing results in cosmetic and medical treatments

Scientific breakthrough in understanding HA


Hyaluronic Acid in the tissues.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is essential to Tissue Repair. Hyaluronic acid is found in the synovial joint fluid, the cartilage, blood vessels, bone matrix, skin and in every tissue in the body.  

Understanding the Synovial Matrix.


Restoring joint function to its natural state requires an understanding of the relationship between Synovial fluid in the joint and its a major nutrient source, an acid called Hyaluronan or (HA).

This balance is restored when our

Living Formula is applied.  




HA plays an important role in the protection of articular cartilage and the transport of nutrients to cartilage. A lack of HA leads to less lubrication in your joints & less elasticity of your skin, which increases the likelihood of cartilage destruction. The production of Collagen and Chondrocytes are also determining factors.

Calcification & Joint



Calcification is a gradual accumulation of calcium in an area of your body tissue. Made mostly of collagen, bone is living, growing tissue. Bone calcification can occur in the joints and can affect joint mobility. This build up can also cause painful osteophytes, commonly referred to as bone spurs.



Applying the Formula

Topical Formulas have been used for literally thousands of years

The skin as an organ is capable of absorbing nutrients via microscopic pores. Transdermals or topical creams require a covering or wrap to secure them. There are some simple things  used around the home that make perfect wraps.

Apply Formula

Cut the foot off a sock

Secure with an elastic guard