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it's hard to argue with the proof

many of these people avoided operations

Sue was advised to have corrective surgery, nine months after tearing her rotator cuff in her shoulder.

The Nature Medic Tissue formula repaired the damage in 35

days without an operation and

Sue is happy.

During a tae kwon do training session he tore his medial cartilage and Doctors said he would need Arthroscopic Surgery and 6 weeks

off work. Barry went the Nature Medic way and his knee was repaired in 28 days.

After struggling with Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid for over 20 years, Henrietta had given up hope of ever being mobile again. She walked with a pronounced limp and lived with pain. This all changed in just 5 weeks and we filmed her amazing transformation

Anna has represented Australia in both Cycling and as a National Hockey Goal Keeper. After a serious cycling road crash she was left with persistent painful nerve damage in her elbow. It even hurt to brush her teeth. After using our tissue formula for 32 days her nerve damage was repaired and she has been pain free for 10 months

We want you mobile again

money shouldn't be an obstacle

Nature Medic has already sold our Arthritis & Tissue Formulas worldwide.

We absolutely love to hear about the amazing recovery stories from our friends and customers.

The last thing we want to do is exclude any person from treating themselves or

someone they care for.

So, if you are elderly, have special needs or your finances are

tight- let us know and we will drop the sale price by 20%.


Nature gives so we give back


The process is simple

more happy people

Arthritis   Tissue Damage   Sports Injury    

Stewart had been dealing with rotator cuff damage for many years.

It eventually led to him giving up his favourite past time- Golf.

Wendy got to the point where she couldn't drive

her car for long periods due to the pain and stiffness of her arthritic knee.

Anthony had crippling

osteoarthritis in both hands. This story featured as part of series of TV shows in the United States in the 1990s.

Helen had been plagued by a sofit tissue injury in her foot for over 2 years. She struggled to walk on it

and was on painkillers

for 2 years.

Anyone who has had Repetitive Strain Injury will tell you how the dull pain never goes away. David had carpal tunnel plus arthritis in his knee and shoulder.

In mId 2003 , the Athritis treatment featured on a top rating Current Affairs show. Listen to the Patients who hail it a miracle.

Arthritis Treatment and Tissue Repair formulas- Nature Medic Stew - Shoulder Injury
arthritis treatment and tissue repair formula-nature medic wendy.wmv
chnl 3-As Seen on KVBC Channel 3 Las Vegas
channel 9 news ray martin reporting-nature medic formula
arthritis treatment and tissue repair formula david
arthritis treatment and tissue repair formula nature medic helen


Tony had his leg removed at the hip 40 years ago after a battle with cancer.

The weight on one knee over that time caused arthritis. 5 weeks after using our Formulas he is off anti-inflammatories.

USA Network Channel ABC

revealed a story about a village where people live on average to 85 with no diseases, including arthritis. Medicos discovered an acid in their food that makes this happen.