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The original pioneer of these ground breaking treatments has left a legacy for others to follow in the pursuit of treating people and animals with the true gifts of nature. The arthritis and tissue formulas that have proven to be so effective for our many customers owe their success to a man who dedicated his life to others.

The Nature Medic Story

The Nature Medic formulas are available today as a result of research and

development conducted over 30 years.

As a homeopath, Graham Tabe spent many years evaluating and trialling both common and uncommon remedies in his pursuit to reverse the causes of such debilitating conditions as arthritis and osteoporosis. His personal quest took him to the far reaches of India, the USA and outback Australia where he found the final keys that would eventually unlock the secret to his own personal grail.


Graham's formulas were a constant work in progress and eventually his treatments became so well known that they appeared on Major Television Shows in Australia and eventually, in the USA. The media hailed him as the Miracle Man and over the following years, many newspaper articles portrayed this humble physician as a local hero.

Whether it be the elderly, high performance athletes, animals or the hopelessly immobile, thousands found a new lease of life with their health restored because someone special followed the footsteps of traditional natural medicos. With Grahams passing 5 years ago, the secrets to reversing the painful conditions of arthritis, carpal tunnel and a raft of other tissue, bone or muscular complaints, could have been lost.

This is where I come into the story. My name is David Petrie and I am the founder of Nature Medic Herbals.

My original introduction to Graham occurred 13 years ago. I was suffering from severe osteoarthritis in my left knee

from marathon running, RSI in my shoulder from years of martial arts training and an equally painful wrist of

which I had carpal tunnel syndrome due to the usage of my computer mouse in my design work.

Needless to say, I was always in pain and took pain killers, anti-inflammatory NSAIDS and analgesic creams.


This all changed in a phone call to Graham, who advised me that his creams would fix my problems  

and I could tell by his tone that he meant it. 30 - 40 days he said and

" if you do what I ask, you won’t have to worry about it again for a long time."


He sent me some of his black mud and I used it for over 5 weeks and true to his word, I was completely free of pain,

inflammation and immobility..Miraculous I thought.!!

Given the fact that I had tried everything my doctors had recommended and nothing solved the problem,

it got me wondering why?


Why isnt this product a household name? Why isn’t it on the shelves in pharmacies? Why are people suffering needlessly?


Graham's formulas had already been clinically trialled in the USA with 3 Chiropractic practices and the results

were published in international medical journals (see attached). This formed part of a news story about the

formula and was televised on Australian National TV.

One of the Doctors Brad Hayes who conducted the trials on patients with severe osteoarthritis said-

It appears to be a Cure- to get this type of effect a second time is nothing short of miraculous”.

The trial was conducted using Grahams formula and a placebo ointment and patients were tested over a 30 day period.


Graham faced many challenges whilst alive and many of those came with his business

partnerships. With his passing the work stopped and any progress made had stalled.


So where Graham's journey ended mine began, not only to understand the world of herbalism but also of the

people who used them, whatever part of the planet they had come from.


My original studies were specifically associated with Graham’s formulas and one particular aspect of my research

revealed an amazing insight, not only supported by Graham but also Health Pioneer Maurice Blackmore of the Blackmore

Health Supplements Empire, whose ideas about health were ahead of their time.


Both men proclaimed that specific plant nutrients would deliver essential vitamins and minerals to a

living body and assist in a natural healing process. In Grahams case following a course of treatment,

namely poultice and topical formulas made complete sense.

If its good enough to put in the mouth then its good enough to put on the skin.

To understand the complex relationship between medicinal plants, vitamins and minerals including their

roles in tissue & cellular regeneration then the next step I needed to take was to make our new

topical creams even more effective than before.


The Principal Focus of our work & continuing research: 


Cell biology- Focusing on the cell permits an understanding of the tissues and organisms that cells compose.

Individual Cell Nutrient requirements

Injury or Condition identification

Active Chemical components of herbs, roots and oils

Tissue Types- Epithelial, Muscle, Connective, Nervous

Stages of Tissue Recovery-

Osteology (study of bones)

Synovial Matrix & Hyaluronic Acid


Although 40 % of people in western countries use a form of alternative or complimentary medicine, most are

unaware of a war on herbalism that had broken out 100 years ago. New Medical practice was supported by some

of Americas richest families and today as we all know there is no profitability for pharmaceutical corporations with

healthy consumers who do not need to feed the proverbial machine.


Herbs, Plants, Roots, Oils, Vitamins and Minerals all contain chemical compounds.

There are also 4 million of them but that doesnt mean we cant look at a history

of use to determine what works and what doesnt!



My investigations into best Medical Practice led me to some interesting observations


Ayurvedic,Chinese and Tribal use of medicinals dates back thousands of years so lets keep an open mind,

after all pharmaceutical drug uptake and affordability in the 2 largest populations on earth are poor by any standards.


Firstly, there is a history of use regarding thousands of plants and minerals. We know there are many poisonous or addicitve

plants because they have been studied by those whose responsibility it was to understand them. The tribes of the world successfully treated

their own using what came from their environment. Poultices, teas and brews were common place throughout the old world.

Most of these tribes have now gone but their teachings haven’t nor have the natural plants they used.

Secondly, when used topically, Graham's formulas worked exceptionally well. All natural, no toxicity, no side effects and nothing

had to go through the stomach. More importantly they solved problems that new world drugs couldn’t or wouldn’t fix.


Thirdly, with all our science and technology we still can’t cure the common cold or prevent it with modern medicine.

Antibiotics weaken the immune system. When we are exposed to viruses and treat them with anitbiotics we limit our ability to fight

that virus in the future. A virus, like most living organisms will do do anything to survive so they mutate.

For all the promise in Cancer treatments our populations are at its mercy. Dramatic maybe until you look deeper.


In the early 1900's there were 1 in 20 people diagnosed with Cancer in the USA.

By the year 2000 those numbers had reached 1 in 3 people.


We are not going forwards in some areas of health, we are going backwards. Every time a successful outcome has

been achieved using plants, herbs or natural alternatives in treating hostile diseases, they are often dismissed as quackery by the

mainstream medical professions, much the same as happened 100 years before.


There have been many succesful plant or radio therapy techniques discovered over the years yet how do we treat our sick.?


Surgery, Chemotherapy & Radiation might work for some but the numbers dont stack up given how much

 money is made available to combat cancer.

Looking at the Clinical Trials for the use of a simple compound called Hydrazine Sulfate will give you a

better understanding of why cancers are proliferating and who stands to gain from blocking research.

Hydrazine Sulfate sells for about 49$ for 100 tablets which seems ridiculous to condsider that it might alter the

growth of cancer cells - until you look at the research and observe that it slows the glucose fuel production that C cells rely on.

Further to this looking at results from Italian Oncologist Dr. Simoncini and his discoveries of Cancer being a treatable fungus

it is not hard to imagine the wholesale global effects on the industry if their findings are sanctioned.


Cancer is a trillion dollar industry with- Grants, Fund Raising, Oncology, Research & Development just the tip of the funding spear.

'If an affordable treatment is to arrive that works on any number of cancers then the dollars will stop. Cynical but true.




Doctors- Your first point of call


If you live in a western or developed country you go the Doctor first, when really sick or hurt.

Your average Doctor knows very little about food, diet or vitamins yet all of these sustain human life.

Doesn’t it seem strange that the person we go to when we are so sick knows nothing about foods as medicines.?


Throughout my life every time I went to a doctor I walked out with script for an over the counter medication.

This isnt an attack on Doctors but it does highlight a flaw in education that started all those years ago.


"In their 7 years of study a Doctor is lucky to receive one 40 minute

lecture on the benefits of food and nutrition as medicine "


Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D., F.A.C.P.. Founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. Deepak Chopra, M.D is the author

of more than 80 books translated in over 43 languages





Folowing Nutritional Science


After being treated by someone who gave me plant based products to put on my skin and actually knew what chemicals

were in the plants and oils, I believed it couldn’t hurt and I'm still not hurting 13 years later.


It’s one thing to know plants and what nutrients can be gained from them, but it is another to understand

why they are working. It helps to know that the body requires 21 amino acids to stay healthy and these

acids support protein creation which in turn sustains our whole body. Essentially the body requires

96 vitamins and minerals each day to operate at optimum.


As mammals our bodies are made of chemical elements. Roughly 99% of the mass of our body is made up of six elements:

oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Only about 0.85% is made from another five elements: potassium,

sulphur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. All are necessary to life. The remaining 9 are trace elements.


For too long now we have relied on Corporations who bank on us being lifelong customers to make us well.

There is no money in patenting plants for drug trials because plants are easily grown by anyone. So it is easier to find the

properties of a plant and extract them or synthesize them and then give you back the drug.





Take the case of the plant Meadowsweet.


Traditionally it was used for stomach acidity and headaches.  In 1897 Felix Hoffman, A Bayer AG Pharmaceutical

employee, extracted essential chemicals from Meadowsweet and his company created Aspirin, which also gave rise to the

class of drugs known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This happens every year and if it wasn"t for the ever

growing numbers  of consumers influenced by the histories of past and present civilizations we would have even further

limited choice in the way we choose to heal the body.


The Nature Medic Formulas are here today because I was healed of serious injuries.


The Nature Medic Team has learned Graham’s formulas and secrets to Cell health.

Today we continue to study other incredible plants from around the world and introduce those to our successful

treatment  programs not only as a mark of respect for Grahams ethos on natural treatments but to honour those

who have also spent their lives studying the gifts of nature so as to benefit others.


We have trialled our formulas for 2 years on willing participants with conditions ranging from arthritis; tendonitis

soft tissue injuries; calcification; osteoporosis; repetitive strain injury;  shin splints; sports injuries; tissue injuries;

frozen shoulder;  gout; ACL tears; cartilage degeneration ; fractures and tennis elbow.


My studies started 12 years ago not long after meeting Graham and being treated by him. WE produced our first arthritis

formula 4 years ago. Today we have hundreds of our own success stories.

Our efforts have been localised for the purpose of testimonials, yet we have still managed to

sell a lot of our formulas to many countries over the Internet. We are aware of FDA, TGA and European Medicines

Association rulings on prohibitive substances and we adhere to these whilst making our formulas so as to

apply successfully for own applications in the near future.

The Arthritis & Tissue Formulas have been improved through consultation with other Herbalists, Scientists, Chiropractors,

Physiotherapists and the discovery of 6 other other amazing herbal marvels. The constitution of the original

formula we started with many years ago has changed by 20% yet the efficacy of the treatments is still remarkable.


The long term goal for Nature Medic and our team is to establish our brand internationally and

achieve the necessary Government Accreditations to reach a mainstream audience.





Nature Medic

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$150,000  USD Goal

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Watch Dr Chopra -Casualties of modern medicine

Henrietta Tooma, 53

was diagnosed with

osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis 20 years ago. She walked with a pronounced limp and was on

9 Prescribed and over

the counter medications.

In just 5 weeks of using Nature Medic formulas she walked straight for the first time in 10 years and avoided an ankle replacement surgery.